Type A Burmese Lavender Jadeite Bangle (REP. 32834298)

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We recently went on a sourcing trip, and managed to bring back a few Type A Burmese lavender jadeite bangles. ⁣

Our criteria is simple, we look for good color, translucency, and ALWAYS Type A Burmese jadeite. We are aware that jade is a very personal item, and different bangles will speak to different people. ⁣

Our first one today, is a size 55, and a lovely, lavender color.

We have certified this piece with NGI (last photo).

Absolutely one-of-a-kind.


Product details:
- Type A Burmese Jadeite⁣: 285.18ct
- Color: Lavender

- Jade bangle size: Fits 54 - 57mm


Disclaimer: Jadeite color tends to come out slightly darker in photos. Color is most accurately shown in the video.




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