Type A Burmese Lavender Jadeite Bangle (REP. 63832487)

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At our last sourcing trip, we noticed that affordable, good lavender jade bangles were getting scarcer. Prices have also been going up. We did manage to find two on our last day though!

The second of the prettiest, bluish-lavender Type A jadeite bangles with a watery translucency and good width for everyday wear.

A rare find. This is an investment piece for jade lovers.⁣

We have certified this piece with NGI (last photo).

Absolutely one-of-a-kind.


Product details:
- Type A Burmese Jadeite⁣: 353.10ct
- Color: Light lavender

- Jade bangle size: Fits 56 - 58mm


Disclaimer: Jadeite color tends to come out slightly darker in photos. Color is most accurately shown in the video.




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