About Eli. J Fine Jewelry

There is a time for everything; He has made everything beautiful in its time. That is how husband-and-wife team, Isaac and Joanne met.


~Your Second-Generation Family Jeweler~

And like Eli. J Fine and the jewelry that we bring to you, we believe that every family has their own story, built through generations, completely unique to them.


From a young age, Joanne experienced and loved the arts. Having lived in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia apart from her birth place in Singapore, being exposed to different cities and cultures, literature, music, art, nature and film were the driving forces of her youth and into adulthood. Studying music from a very young age, Joanne pursued a degree in Classical Piano and went on to teach.

In the midst of life and music, she learnt to make jewelry, and eventually started her handmade jewelry line, Eli. J Jewelry.

When her son was five years old, Isaac and Joanne met. As the saying goes, the stars aligned and love blossomed.



Coming from a family of jewelers, Isaac began his apprenticeship in his youth and spent many years immersed in learning the ins and outs of the jewelry industry. He understands the detailed process and requirements needed to produce an expertly crafted piece of jewelry.


Together with Joanne’s passion and love for the classic, vintage-inspired aesthetic but with a unique twist, we believe we make a great team at Eli. J Fine Jewelry.


We have built relationships with trusted contacts for gemstones and jadeite, and have curated a team of master craftsmen who also work in the high-end jewelry industry, to bring beautiful, heirloom-quality jewelry to you.