Daisy Ring-Brooch

  We don’t know where to start with this custom piece we did for J, because it is very simply, astoundingly beautiful! ⁣


Inspired by one of her favourite flowers, J had seen some beautiful fine jewelry pieces and wanted something to call her own, using a Type A Burmese lavender jadeite cabochon that we had sourced. ⁣

She wanted the flower made in shades of pink and purple, and so we set out to source pink and purple sapphires for her. Another amazing detail is that she wanted this done as a convertible ring-brooch! ⁣


After our jeweler had the drawings done and took note of our requests for life-like petals and color, we left the rest to him. With decades of experience and some of the top craftsmen working with him, we knew we were in good hands. The entire ring-brooch is set in 18K solid rose gold and VS diamonds too. ⁣

The result is a stunning daisy, a one-of-a-kind statement jewelry piece, and one of our proudest projects to date. ⁣


Love, Jo