Spinel & Coloured Gemstones 18K Rose Gold Earrings

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Today, we are super excited to launch a capsule collection of three pairs of gemstone earrings! Each is a play of shapes and colors. ⁣⁣

Designed with versatility in mind, and with the hope that these colorful jewels will be a joyful extension of your wardrobe for many occasions. ⁣⁣

The cluster gemstone earring studs feature grey & sweet pink spinels, and white sapphire, and were inspired lightly by the Art Deco era. ⁣⁣

Add the 29.95 ct lavender quartz drops and you have a stunning pair for days you want to dress up a little more! ⁣⁣

Absolutely one-of-a-kind. ⁣


Product details:
- Setting: 18K Rose Gold
- Grey Spinel⁣: 1.79ct (Rectangle)
- Grey Spinel⁣: 0.73ct (Hexagon)
- Pink Spinel: 0.44ct
- White sapphire: 0.88ct
- Lavender Quartz Drops: 29.95ct (Detachable)




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