"Picnic at Botanic Gardens" Pearl & Watermelon Tourmaline Slice Ring (The Clouds Collection: Keshi Pearl)

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Remember the days when we would go for a picnic with our family when the weather was beautiful? Packing snacks and laying out the picnic mat to laze under a gorgeous blue sky?


Here's an elegant and unique toi et moi ring made with an ivory lustrous keshi pearl and lovely watermelon tourmaline slice! When I saw this keshi pearl, I immediately knew what to design with it. Every keshi pearl is interesting, but this perfect one seems to hug one side of the finger!

Definitely a one-of-a-kind ring we cannot replicate again! 

Product details:
- Setting: 925 Sterling Silver (Rose Gold Plated)
- Keshi Pearl⁣: 9.65ct

- Bi-colour Tourmaline: 5.04ct
- Ring size: HK 14 / US 6.5 (Ring is resizable for a small fee)




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