"The Joyful Empress" Rare Type A Lavender Jadeite Carved Shells & Purple Edison Pearl 18K Rose Gold Earrings

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Rare lavender Type A jadeite carved shells, with very good, intense color (some of my best!), exclusively custom-cut for Eli. J Jewelry. Good lavender jadeite material has always been very sought after, but is getting increasingly expensive and hard to find. ⁣

Made in 18K solid gold, with large flawless, perfect-round Edison pearls in a gorgeous, rare, deep purple. With diamonds on the earring hooks for added sparkle.

A playful, joyful and impactful pair. A perfect marriage.

Product details:
- Setting: 18K Rose Gold
- Type A Burmese Jadeite⁣: 13.95ct
- Edison Pearls: 30.61ct / 13mm
- Diamond: 0.06ct


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