Pushing The Limits


Fine jewelry-making techniques have evolved significantly over the last 20 years. From traditional metalsmithing handmade-from-scratch, to wax carving by hand, to today’s automated wax carvings derived from the most recent in jewelry technology, CAD drawings. Each evolution has pushed jewelry workmanship to near-perfection.


Technology determines the crucial foundational 25% of jewelry making, the rest still lies in the hands of the craftsman. Without the right experienced team to craft the jewelry, even the best conceptualized design can easily be ruined by shoddy workmanship.

Having been in the jewelry industry for many decades, we have curated a strong production team that is invested to produce the finest workmanship for our jewelry pieces. We are committed to hear your stories, ideas and preferences, to help you create your very own piece of jewelry of exceptional workmanship and quality. ⁣⁣

To set us apart every year at Eli. Fine Jewelry, we look forward to undertaking customization projects to take us out of our comfort zones and present more unique and original fine jewelry pieces.

In the coming years, we will strive to secure more projects to challenge ourselves and our production team to craft the heirloom-quality jewelry requested by our valued customers. Thank you for your trust! ⁣⁣


- Eli. J Fine Jewelry -